photo of the sign at Earthman Resthaven Cemetery

Earthman Resthaven Cemetery, Harris County, Texas

Earthman Resthaven Cemetery is in Houston on the northbound access road to I-45, between exits 62 and 63. The address is 13102 North Fwy, Houston, TX, 77060.

If you are related to me, you are probably wondering who all these people are and why I took photos of their graves. These are Dad's parents and grandparents, as well as a few other relatives. The Kurtz plot is in section 9, plot 213. This is a map of the section, and a map of the cemetery.

Full name Name on stone Birth date Death date Photo
Kurtz, Anna Lou McKinley Anna Lou Kurtz 11 Jan 1918 1 Sep 1994 camera icon
Kurtz, Emerson Marion Emerson Marion Kurtz 20 Jun 1920 20 Apr 1961 camera icon
Kurtz, John Paul John Paul Kurtz 20 Aug 1940 20 Aug 1940 camera icon
Kurtz, Paul Court Paul Court Kurtz 12 Feb 1913 6 Sep 1952 camera icon
Kurtz, Paul Maximilian Paul M. Kurtz 11 Nov 1885 17 Nov 1969 camera icon
Kurtz, Vera Clair Court Vera C. Kurtz 28 Sep 1893 26 Apr 1973 camera icon
Madden, Hazel Kurtz Hazel Kurtz Madden 1926 1976 camera icon